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  • 1. The Ability To Create Messenger Follow Up Sequences!
  • 2. Our Incredible Website Chat Widget For High 
    ​Capture Conversions
  • 3. The Brand New ‘Send To Messenger Opt-in’ Feature
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    4. Our Brand New 
Checkbox Plugin
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    5. And The Messenger Code Generator

​Messenger Followup Sequence

Messenger follow up sequence are a series of messages that are sent out on a schedule. They’re also called automated or drip campaigns. You create a “package of messages” that are sent at strategic times to accomplish a specific goal, e.g:

  •  Onboarding
  •  Lead nurturing - from first contact to raving fan
  •  Follow-up survey
  •  etc...

Sequences allow you to create multiple touchpoints to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

Allowing You To 100% Automate & Scale Your Messenger Bot Marketing

​You Could Use This For Follow Ups, Surveys, Lead Nurturing or Onboarding
​It Allows You To Create Multiple Touch-points With Subscribers To Build Trust & Deliver Value .

​You’ll Be Able To Create UNLIMITED Follow Up Sequences With This PRO Version
​You Also Get Reports, You Can Assign Subscribers To A Specific Sequence, Set Triggers Based On Specific Actions .


And Remember - You get 100% Inbox Delivery, 98% Open Rate & Nurtured Leads Are 47% More Likely To Buy! Wow

​Website Chat Widget

Add facebook messenger chat widget on your website. Chat on a website can increase conversion rates up to 65%. People prefer chat to email and phone contacts to get quick answers to their questions.

​On-site chat powered by Socicake Facebook Messenger

automation is better than the regular live chat:

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    24/7 instant response: You can connect it with one of your page bot or bot template to answer questions instantly with no wait time for customers.
  • Cheaper than live staff: If you don’t have a support team working around the clock to reply to customer questions, build a Messenger bot to power your Messenger chat widget and answer basic FAQs.
  • Always mobile-friendly for users: Unlike live chat interfaces, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.
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    ​Continue Conversation: With Messenger chat, though, you can start a conversation on desktop and then continue it on your mobile device with Messenger at a later date or time. With other live chat platforms, once the customer leaves you cannot continue the chat seamlessly.
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    ​And Eligible for future nurturing: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become leads to nurture over a lifetime. You can add them to drip campaigns or send instant promo blast straight to their messenger inbox.The Messenger Code Generator
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    User Profiling - You can go to their facebook profile and find out more about the lead and engage well with the lead. This hack has been very useful for me esp with selling my high ticket products.

You Also Get The ‘Send To Messenger’ Growth Hack With This PRO Version

Your Prospect Clicks ‘Send To Messenger’ To Receive Your Lead-Magnet & Boom They’re Added To Your Messenger Leads

They Receive The Report or PDF Via Messenger & You Can Now Follow Up With Them Sweet. Best Part - With This PRO Version You Can Create UNLIMITED Opt-In Campaigns

You Also Get Our ‘Checkbox’ Plugin & Our Messenger Code Generator

The Code Generator Creates A Messenger Code That Your Prospects Can Scan To Engage With Your Bot

You Can Place It On Your Website, Brochure, Business Card & More.

With This PRO Version You Can Create UNLIMITED Codes .

The CheckBox Plugin Works With Your Regular Lead Capture Forms On Your Website .

Now In Addition To Giving You Their Email They Can Choose To Join Your Messenger Bot .

You can link each checkbox to a page and an existing bot template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.

With This PRO Version You Can Create UNLIMITED Checkboxes!

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    ​Messenger Follow Up Sequences Website Chat Widget ‘Send To Messenger’ Optin Feature Checkbox Plugin Messenger Code Generator

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  • 1. The Ability To Create Messenger Follow Up Sequences!
  • 2. Our Incredible Website Chat Widget For High 
    ​Capture Conversions
  • 3. The Brand New ‘Send To Messenger Opt-in’ Feature
  • Check Circle
    4. Our Brand New 
Checkbox Plugin
  • Check Circle
    5. And The Messenger Code Generator

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